Therapeutic Yoga

One on One Yoga  – To meet your specific Needs

Personalized Yoga is appropriate for anyone interested in dealing with injuries, chronic pain, postural misalignment or physical limitations, regardless of whether you practice yoga or not.

After an initial intake evaluating your specific postural needs and personal goals for working one on one, Joyce will work with you to design an individual program geared towards achieving harmony and alignment in your body. This gradual process can assist in alleviating many of your ongoing chronic pain patterns. For students who want to bring this into a class setting you will learn modifications to utilize in class that will address your specific needs.Therapeutics can easily be woven into an Asana practice so the student learns how to look out for their individual needs when they return to the class setting.

Individual Yoga Sessions address the various needs that students face over the course of their practice in a personalized way that can’t be offered in a general class setting.

Benefits of Personalized Yoga

  1. Your own class time!
  2. One that works with your schedule
  3. Meet the needs of your individual body and practice
  4. Discover postural patterns that you can change to improve your health
  5. Become familiar with and comfortable with basic yoga postures to join a class
  6. Resolve old injury limitations
  7. Relieve Pain Patterns
  8. Realign Postural Dysfunction
  9. Perfect for Beginner students to become familiar with common poses and good alignment
  10. Not a yoga student, therapeutic yoga can assist everyone in creating more freedom in your Body

Joyce has been trained by the top Yoga Therapy Teachers in the Nation and is a Certified Body Balance Yoga® Therapy Instructor, one of the most highly recognized training available. This further inspired her deep understanding of the body and how to incorporate anatomy, therapy and yoga into a cohesive supportive practice.

Joyce combines her training in yoga, as well as prior training as a Certified Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor, to round out her ability and understand the needs of each individual’s body. Joyce has a strong interest in rehabilitation from injury or other individual limitations and the enhancement of a students’ practice. Joyce has worked with numerous students in private sessions designed to meet their specific needs.

One on One Sessions or small group sessions are scheduled and priced according to your individual needs, contact Joyce to discuss your needs and schedule a session.  Yoga Session Appointments


Client Testimonials

“I met with Joyce to learn how therapeutic yoga could help alleviate my long-running adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). My time with her was invaluable. After a careful evaluation and assessment, she worked with me to come up the most effective therapeutic postures, exercises and stretches for my condition. I found her manner and approach to be highly supportive; the 90 minutes I spent with her was invaluable and offered me more than all my previous sessions of physical therapy. After the session, she followed up with a summary of our session and the exercises to do at home, which was very helpful. I would highly recommend Joyce to anyone who has body “issues” that need work beyond the typical yoga session.” Irene Fick, Delaware
“After 41 years as a professional traditional blacksmith the stress on my body, especially my shoulder, was taking its toll; I wanted to continue my work so I turned to Yoga Therapy. I was first a student in Joyce’s class for 4years before venturing into private lessons; the experience has been enlightening! All aspects of my daily physical activities are freer of prior discomfort, my sleep has improved, I have less shoulder pain and am well on my way to staying in the profession I love. Time for the therapy Joyce has skillfully recommended is important to meet my goals but much of it can be done during daily activities. I am very satisfied with the progress we have made in a short time.” David Court, NH