Joyce Kendall–ERYT500

Certified Yoga & Yoga Therapy Instructor*

Personalized Yoga Instruction & Therapy Based on Your Specific Needs

Asana practice is a process of restoring, creating and maintaining body mind vitality. Joyce, a highly trained instructor specializes in yoga therapeutics and accommodations for all abilities; she currently offers one on one and personalized group sessions appropriate for new and experienced students, anyone with an injury, limitation or wanting private instruction for any reason. Joyce has the highest level of certification recognized by the Yoga Alliance. She is also a Certified Body Balance Yoga® Therapy Instructor with a strong focus on recovery of the full functioning of the body and proper alignment.


One on One Yoga – who is it for?
It is really for anyone in a Body! Most of us have some physical challenge; be it a lingering unhealed injury or a structural dysfunction or just a shy personality that prefers the private setting and attention. Joyce is well equipped to offer you personalized instruction to guide your body gently and systematically towards a more vital and balanced state or to advance your established practice.

About Joyce:

Joyce’s personal yoga practice began over 25 years ago. In 2003 she became a Registered Yoga Instructor; in 2005 she opened her own yoga studio, Earth Heart Yoga, and within three years had graduated over 40 certified yoga instructors with Joyce as the primary instructor. In 2006 Joyce hosted and completed the *Body Balance Yoga® Therapy Certification program with Jenny Otto further inspiring her deep understanding of the body and how to incorporate anatomy, therapy and yoga into a cohesive supportive practice. Joyce has introduced yoga and meditation to hundreds of new students. She discovered her most profound skills lie in the art of introducing students to the benefits of yoga and meditation; she especially enjoys working one on one in the context of therapeutic yoga and has offered numerous students private sessions designed to meet their specific needs. Joyce has a dedicated Meditation practice that refreshes her body mind and spirit daily. Yoga and Meditation has played a large part in Joyce's personal recovery from chronic Lyme disease; she understands firsthand the impact a dedicated practice and proper therapy can have on overcoming physical and life challenges.

“I utilize my varied skills to bring the highest to my offerings which are in a continuous process of refinement. Yoga and meditation have helped me continually remember the universal truths of wholeness, harmony and light we all share. These are the qualities I bring to my classes, individual sessions, consultations and training programs.” Joyce

Client Testimonial

“I attended regular classes at Earth Heart Yoga and also took private classes with Joyce for knee and back pain. Joyce showed me specific poses to address my therapeutic needs and took the extra time to make sure I understood the exercises. Joyce is compassionate, caring and extremely knowledgeable. She always has a smile and positive attitude. It is a pleasure to know her." Cindy Bedford, NH

Vary by specific needs, travel and time of session. Call or email to discuss.

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