Neelakantha Meditation Formal Instruction & Course

With Joyce Kendall – Authorized Teacher

Neelakantha Meditation, as taught in Blue Throat Yoga, is best known for its effortless natural approach. Those who have struggled to meditate in the past find this practice surprisingly easy and profoundly effective. Formal personal instruction is the basis for a practice that is easy, natural and supportive of a lifetime of deep meditation.

Meditation does not involve concentration or harsh manipulation of attention; proper instruction allows for individual awareness to easily locate the Absolute Transcendental Consciousness to benefit from this ancient path in modern times on a daily basis.


Highlights of Practice:
A daily infusion of meditation enhances life in a variety of ways; we become more capable of living a full complete meaningful life, discovering our innate creativity and intelligence, of meeting life’s challenges and discovering the depth of our own inner landscape.

A Foundational 18 month Course for a Lifetime of Natural Deep Meditation

Course Includes:

  1. Two day course with personalized formal instruction
  2. Live Meditation Practice teleseminars with Q&A
  3. Special Satsang invitations & pre-recorded audio
  4. Instruction in support practices and japa mantras
  5. Answer to questions via email & live teleseminars
  6. Opportunity to attend Vibrating Silence Retreats
  7. Extensive on-line library of pre-recorded talks & study materials
  8. Translation & commentary of key classic Shaivite texts by Paul Muller-Ortega PhD
  9. No Cost attendance at day two of any Neelakantha initiation to refresh your understanding*

*Pre-registration required
Course Support offered through Blue Throat Yoga

Your course begins with 2 days of Instruction:
Formal personal Initiation, Q&A, time for practice and review; after which you have all you need for a fully self-sufficient meditation practice; the remainder of your course is easily accessed in the comfort of your own home through live teleseminars and an extensive online library of materials.

After your 2 day Formal Instruction the course is fully flexible, you are not required to be on live for any tele-seminar or meet any timelines; all teleseminars are recorded so you can download and listen to at your convenience. You have full access to all material, for 18months, to download and then have a resource for a Lifetime of support.

Day 1 – 1.5-2hrs.
Introduction to the practice, Individual Formal Instruction (Initiation) & Practice

Day 2 – 4hrs.
In depth review of the theory and practice, creating your home practice, Group Practice, Q&A

This transformative practice fits into and is completely supportive of modern life; no prior skill or belief is needed and it is highly accessible to all. Formal personal instruction on the theory and practice is offered in both individual and group settings.

Listen to an audio from Paul Muller-Ortega offering an overview of Neelakantha Meditation - click here for audio

Course Tuition:
Regular: $450 / Full time student 18-26yrs old: $360 / Elderly over 86yrs: $0  / Scholarships offered to those qualifying -please inquire if applicable

Sessions can be individual or group; contact Joyce to set up a personalized time for your Instruction, to set up a group session or visit the Events Calendar for current scheduled sessions. Joyce is available to set up individual and group sessions along the east coast and open to further travel depending upon timing and group size.

To Schedule or Register contact Joyce at:


Joyce studied with Paul Muller-Ortega PhD., international meditation scholar, for eight years prior to being authorized to offer initiation into this powerful life enhancing practice. Joyce first explored meditation through her personal yoga practice; became an expert yoga instructor and discovered her most profound skills lie in sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation with others. But it was not until she herself was initiated in Neelakantha Meditation that she found a profoundly life changing practice. Since 2008 Joyce has steeped deeply in daily practice and dedicated study of the Svatantra tradition, the lineage of this highly effective practice, under the masterful guidance of her teacher. In 2016 she completed her extensive Shivacharya training to become one of the first Authorized Instructors of Neelakantha Meditation.

“It is a great honor to bring forth the teachings and practice of such a natural, effective meditation. Every day I bathe in the Great Light of Consciousness and delight in my increasingly refined ability to reflect that light into the world. Meditation helps me continually remember the universal truth of the highest reality that we all share.” Joyce

Client Testimonials

“I have been practicing Neelakantha Meditation for almost 9 months. I received my practice in a beautiful, elegant ceremony performed by Joyce Kendall. I always thought that the goal of meditation was to wrestle the mind into submission; I was never very successful at that! However, this form of meditation recognizes the function of the mind and does not seek to subdue it; paradoxically the practice has brought my body and mind into some very deep, still places which easily and effectively soothes and quiets my active mind. Even if my mind is busy 'doing what it does', I am able to "sink" deeply into myself; my breathing slows and time becomes nonexistent.

I look forward to my twice daily ‘mini retreats’ from a chaotic world; I like to think of this as my very own personal sanctuary. As an artist, an added benefit is the discovery that my practice is bringing to surface some beautiful creative visions, ideas, and inspirations. I am very grateful to have met Joyce, and to have received such a precious lifetime gift.” Namaste, Cindy Johnston, DE
"Joyce is a woman whom I respected immediately. Her accomplishments and ability to walk her true path planted a seed within me to find my true path. I am now back in school for Nutrition and work part time at Hackensack University Medical Center as a Nutrition Assistant. It feels great to be "real" again. Being around Joyce definitely guided me back on course." Brenda Murdock, NJ


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