Holistic Health Support

Joyce has a long and diverse history relating to living a vital and healthy lifestyle and utilizes all of her skills developed over a lifetime to bring the highest to her current services and training. Her personal journey has incorporated a spectrum of modalities which share the common foundation of serving to create, support and maintain the integrity and wholeness of the body/mind/spirit state.

As a certified exercise instructor and personal trainer Joyce spent years learning about the physical body and how our physical state of being affects all aspects of life. Her personal exploration of holistic approaches led her to become a Certified Herbalist, Registered Polarity Practitioner and she was inducted in Shamanic practices by Ecuadorian Yachak Shaman. Combining these skills, with her current focus of personalized instruction in meditation and yoga, as well as detox support, offers Joyce a vast richness of knowledge.

The varied yet complimentary tools that Joyce has developed over her lifetime continue to serve as a foundation and support to the more streamlined focus of her services today.

Joyce enjoys working one on one with clients for overall health enhancement utilizing her varied skills and is available for personalized consults and instruction in Meditation, Yoga and Detox Support.

See Meditation / Yoga / Detox Support for more info on her training in these areas.