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One on One Yoga Sessions

All individual sessions are customized by your specific needs. Fees will vary dependent upon what your focus is, frequency and duration of the session as well as the development of home programs if desired. Give me a call and lets discuss your therapeutic goals together. I look forward to meeting with you.

Contact for session info:
Joyce Kendall
(603) 581-8707

"I was new to Earth Heart Yoga when I was diagnosed with lung cancer; even then I realized yoga's healing benefits. After my surgery the breathing and stretches of yoga really loosened up the surgery site. In a second surgery I lost a lobe in my lung; the tightness on my right side was there all the time. I wondered if more in depth yogic practices could offer consistent relief. Joyce helped me with some breathing and stretching, offered understanding around scar tissue and helped me conquer a stress knot in my right shoulder that had persisted even after many massages. Joyce offered relief that’s still good today in just a few minutes! I followed through with other recommendations Joyce made which have helped me to regain my health; two years after my surgery I feel better than I did before! I am very grateful to have found Joyce; she is very knowledgeable about many aspects of the body and can offer options that doctors don’t know about." Debbie Brooks, NH


SENIOR SIMPLY STRETCH CLASS -  Fridays 12:30-1:30pm

Class is ongoing drop-into class anytime!

Involution Yoga - 1632 Savannah Road Lewes


Simply Stretch is just what it sounds like; an easy stretch class designed to relieve pain associated with
tight muscles & joints;
build strength and improve balance!


This class will focus on stretches that can be done standing, seated in a chair, or when possible on the floor. Props such as straps, tennis balls, blankets and blocks are used to accommodate ease as you build your strength and increase your flexibility. If you are restricted in your movement by arthritis, injury, inactivity or other, this class can help you find increased freedom!

Modifications for all levels of limitations will be made and pace of
the class will meet the needs of the group overall.

[this is not a yoga class]

Registration - drop in for $10/class [purchase 5 class card $50, to use as you can attend]
Contact: 603-581-8707
Involution Yoga - 1632 Savannah Road. Lewes DE

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