Meditation Events & Appointments

Are you interested in Meditation but feel it is
something that “you could never do”?

Have you tried a meditation practice
in the past but feel you failed?

Please join me for an open discussion at no charge
about Meditation and how easy and natural this
life enhancing practice can actually be for you.


Create or Host your own Event:

You can organize your own Meditation 2 day event with a minimum of 4 persons registered; Joyce is available along the Northeast Coast and other select areas, just call or email to inquire about hosting your own group.

No need to wait for an Event Schedule Your Individual Session:

Individual sessions are available locally and regionally depending upon schedule.
See Neelakantha Meditation for more information on this powerful life enhancing practice.


Meditation is Easier than you think!
An Introduction to Neelakantha Meditation - Lewes DE

Request a Date! - you can call and request a date that works for you to learn about meditation.

No Registration Fee - Open to All

Joyce -

Formal Individual Instruction
to Neelakantha Meditation - Lewes DE
Two Dates Available

Lewes DE

Dates: Make a Request for your formal Individual Instruction

Joyce -

More information