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Detox Foot Bath Sessions – a series of sessions is optimal to increase the overall benefits and performance of the Ionic Foot Bath.

$40/session 30minute session

Package of 6 sessions 10% discount = $216
Package of 10 sessions 15% discount = $340
Package of 12 sessions 20% discount = $384

Why do a series of sessions?

Regular detoxification is an easy and effective way to maintain a general feeling of well-being and overall health.

It is important to understand that the Sea-Onic foot bath stimulates the detoxification process by creating a foot bath with greater chemical activity that delivers clustered water components, loaded with ocean minerals, into the lymph. As discussed above, these in turn will displace the old lymph and this displacement is the essence of the detoxification process.

As explained on the Detox Support page; a change in the pH of the lymph is optimally affected through the specialized ionic content created by the Sea-Onic Foot Bath System. This process ends up raising the pH of the lymph after several foot bath sessions which can assist in a net balanced pH of the lymph system sending the new balanced message throughout the body.

Benefits can initially last for 2-3days and over time the benefits are cumulative; along with proper nutrition and lifestyle the healthy pH of the lymph can be maintained.

Normal sessions can be done within 48hrs of each other up to 12 sessions with a break for the body to adjust before doing another set of sessions if required.

The Ionic Foot Bath is both relaxing and revitalizing, it can increase overall well-being, assist in detoxification and is known to aid in improved sleep patterns.

Detox Consultation:
Joyce also offers consultations based on her in-depth personal experience with top doctors, therapists and experts in the area of nutritional, herbal and simple in-home practices that can assist in handling various types of toxic load and assist in recovery from various disease processes. As a Certified Herbalist Joyce has developed many successful home herbal programs and is excited to add the ionic foot bath support to assist in all health goals.

Detox Support Consult:
Initial intake and consult 90min $100
Follow up sessions vary from 30min $55 to 1hr. $75

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Client Testimonials

"I first came to Joyce searching for help with my infertility. Traditional medicine was not working and repeated doctor visits had destroyed my confidence that I could conceive. I began to lose hope. Through repeated sessions I became empowered.Today, a mother of three, I use much of what Joyce has taught me. Although I do not face infertility any longer, the self-awareness and knowledge I gained continues to help me with the struggles that life can grant you.I also used Joyce's herbal therapies to counteract the negative effect that infertility drugs had taken on my system. The herbal therapies counteracted the repeated hormone injections that destroyed my skin and my energy. I look forward to drinking my teas every morning!" Mariah, NJ